James Bond car of your own.

Have you ever dreamed to be a spy? Or have you ever dreamed to drive a James Bond car?

Nowadays you have a great opportunity to fulfill some of your spy fantasies. And you do not need to have 1,000,000 dollars.

Spy dreamers are able now to purchase their totally private Bond automobile, entire with hood-mounted machine gun cannons and rocket launchers hidden by the front radiator grille, for only $125,900 US, and it is even street lawful.

The weapons system is fake, of course, in order it does not function but it looks truthful. Neither can it be operated when the ignition is switched on, as the final thing we wish are people ahead being scared to death at the sight of cannon in their rear-view mirror. The rotating license plate as well will not flip when you are driving so do not consider you will be able to beat that speeding ticket by showing a fictive number!

You can see this supercar, exalted by the Aston Martin featured in the James Bond film Die Another Day, at the Vancouver International Auto Show, and make the order.

Producers are planning to create only 200 cars in the following four years so they'll keep their value as a collectable supercar. In the first three months, they've already sold 20 % of the production run. They're getting calls from everywhere the world, including Belgium where a gentleman there has changed his name lawfully to James Bond.

The ultimate spy car version comprises: front grill rockets, machine gun cannons, going around license plate and some other must have add-ons

The Ultimate Spy Car is hand-built and based on a Ford Mustang chassis with a stretched wheelbase. Under the hood is an advanced Ford V8 engine that delivers power Bond would be pleased with during an escape or pursuit.

The wonderful thing about this car is it can be repaired at your local Ford dealership and it uses component widely available. You are able to select either manual or automatic transmission system and choose your personal exterior and inside colors.

And so, when it's delivered, find the costless bottle of Dom Perignon and two glasses from the glove compartment and toast to your new lifetime of adventure.

So, would you like to have the Ultimate Spy Car? Yes or No? Tell me your opinion.

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