The idols of American Classic Cars have never depreciated at all.

Despite the latest informations of Chrysler and GM that they are going to close hundreds of US dealerships for survival, the people's desire to own of American Classic Cars is still strong. Around the country the auctions of American Classic muscle and vintage Cars are intersted for thousands of American cars' collectors and enthusiasts.

About 1,250 greatly in-demand car models of Pontiac GTOs and Plymouth Hemi Cudas, Chevrolet Corvettes and Packard Woody Wagons, Plymouth Hemi Cudas and other original American Classic Cars were invited to the auction at the 22nd annual Spring Classic organized by Mecum Auto Auction which held lately at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 10,000 people or even more visited this event which held on a huge territory.

That was a really cool events where each person could find what they needed. The buyers and sellers could find a good deals. And just curious people could run away from their domestic problems for a couple hours.

American Classic Cars. 1965 Pontiac GTO, are still in-demand

About 63 percent of the cars were sold by weekend. Some classic Chrysler models lost 20 % to 30 % on average of their values. It might was happening becouse of Chrysler's bankruptcy troubles but the fact that Chryslers were increasing in cost over the last few years, it's not so lamentably becouse they are the first time to decline. The least affected are GM cars. And Ford cars are in the centre.

So, the irony is that despite the recession we can find and see bright spots in the market economy and the car industry. People still love the old cars that's why American Classic Cars are alive and well.

Watch the video above and have fun..........

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