American Classic and Vintage Cars collectors can use older license plates.

American Classic and Vintage Cars owners have the new law to keep up with.

This law took effect July 1 which allows American Classic and Vintage Cars owners to finish the vintage appearance of their vehicle with the old-fashioned black and yellow California plates.

Department of Motor Vehicles has adopted a rule saying that owners of the automobiles, motorcycles and trailers from 1969 or earlier, and pickup trucks or commercial vehicles from 1972 or earlier are able to re-register their cars with out-of-dated license plates.

Before to get a plate, car owners have to check the plate that they prefer with the DMV and make sure that the numbers aren't used. Then car owners need to pay the application fee $45 to use the numbers. The license plate's sticker must meet the car's year.

The license plates of the 1963-1969 have black backgrounds and yellow numbers and letters. The license plates of the 1970-1990 have blue backgrounds with yellow numbers and letters.

This is an opportune law for all motorists who drive older cars. Nowadays, the whole vintage image of American Classic and Vintage Cars is available.

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Leisa Dreps said...

I love vintage cars! They're so cool and fashionable. For me, vintage cars are good to use at wedding events. I'm using a used car that my dad bought from his trusted dealer in Indianapolis. Although this is second-hand, the engine has good performance and can travel long miles.